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At Dilendorf Khurdayan, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality legal representation to address their business needs. Our top business lawyers in NYC work one-on-one with each client to understand the industry in general, client’s business specifically, and client’s objectives and long-term goals. Leveraging our experience and expertise in business, corporate and tax laws, we craft customized yet efficient solutions for each client.

We represent clients in every industry and at every stage of business development. Our clientele includes startups and established businesses, corporations and their directors and shareholders, U.S. and foreign investors, and others who have the need for expert legal counsel from experienced attorneys.


We provide full legal support for business owners. Our services include everything from drafting simple contracts, to business planning and formation, to guiding partners, corporate directors and shareholders in completing complex transactions, to corporate and tax structuring for foreign businesses with U.S. operations.

We also help local and international clients navigate the complex array of laws and regulations that govern their U.S. business dealings to minimize risk and meet their business and tax objectives.

We have successfully completed numerous business transactions, including international joint ventures, restructuring U.S. and foreign operations for established businesses, taking young companies through various financing levels, including venture capital negotiations, and guiding business owners through complex acquisitions.


Rika Khurdayan

Rika Khurdayan is the head of the firm’s International Private Client Practice and the co-founder of Dilendorf & Khurdayan.

Rika focuses on representing and advising foreign businesses and families in connection with holding structures, cross-border transactions, business operations and investment ...


Lindsay Rubel, LL.M.

Ms. Rubel advises clients on all aspects of federal, state, and international tax matters. She has advised corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and their owners on the tax implications of a variety of transactions, including acquisitions, dispositions, mergers, reorganizations and dissolutions. ...


Max Dilendorf

Max Dilendorf is the co-founder of Dilendorf & Khurdayan and the head of the Real Estate Practice.

Max has more than 12 years of combined legal, finance and investment advisory experience in the commercial and residential real estate industry in New York and works with a diverse group of clients ...


  • Exceptional Service. Our law firm places a strong emphasis on providing unparalleled customer service and delivering high-quality work product. We are always available for our clients. 7 days a week. 24 hours a day.
  • Experience. We have handled hundreds of complex business transactions for domestic & international clients.
  • Custom Solutions. We study your business model and your industry and provide customized legal solutions to fit your specific needs.
  • Flexible Terms. We work on both fixed-fee and hourly terms, or a combination of the two. We are upfront in everything we do. No hidden fees. No surprises.
  • Commitment. Our focus is to help our clients advance their interests. We know when our clients achieve their personal and business goals, our success follows.
  • Impressive Network. We help you build strategic alliances and have access to unparalleled network of advisors, consultants and investors.



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