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New York City Cryptocurrency Fund Attorneys

Dilendorf & Khurdayan is a New York City blockchain law firm that guides its clients through the process of planning, establishing, marketing, and managing a cryptocurrency fund. Our firm provides tailored, high-quality services to help each client navigate the complex web of laws, regulations, and practical issues implicated by cryptocurrency funds.



Advised a client in connection with setting up a cryptocurrency fund in Delaware as well as organizing an offshore based Cayman feeder fund, including preparation of limited partnership agreements, private placement memorandum and subscription documents.

Comprehensive Advice and Assistance for Every Aspect of Cryptocurrency Funds

Creating and operating a cryptocurrency fund requires careful attention to a range of legal, technical, and practical considerations.

Drawing on their deep understanding of applicable law and experience representing clients in connection with a wide variety of complex financial matters, our attorneys help fund managers at every stage of creating and managing the fund, including by:

  • Advising clients on the optimal financial, tax, and legal structure for their cryptocurrency fund, including advice regarding master-feeder, side-by-side, and fund-of-fund structures.
  • Drafting and filing the documents necessary to establish domestic and offshore structures for the fund, including Cayman feeders and Delaware limited partnerships.
  • Providing expert advice to clients regarding securities and other registration requirements and exemptions therefrom.
  • Creating detailed private-placement memoranda with comprehensive disclosures and disclaimers, investment agreements, and related documents.
  • Keeping our clients apprised of new legal and regulatory developments as they arise.

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