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Blockchain Lawyers and ICO Advisors in New York City

Internet startups are increasingly turning to token generation events (colloquially known as initial coin offerings, or ICOs) to raise capital for their businesses or individual projects.

During 2017, more funds were raised by blockchain startups through ICOs than from traditional venture capital. This has caught the attention of state and federal regulators, highlighting the need for developers to work closely with knowledgeable attorneys when engaging in an ICO.

Dilendorf & Khurdayan are New York City blockchain lawyers providing comprehensive legal support throughout the planning and execution of an ICO. We represent blockchain startups, established developers, FinTech firms, and others to minimize the legal risks associated with an ICO and help ensure a smooth capitalization process.


Advised companies in the U.S. and abroad on ICOs in the real estate, investment, gaming, media, lending and retail industries

Advised ICO team regarding SEC registration requirements and available exemptions, including the limitations on the amount of investment, advertising and solicitation, investors’ requirements and necessary provisions for the whitepaper

Advised a client during preparation for a token pre-sale on the advantages and limitations of the SAFT framework

Advised prospective investors regarding ICO participation, including team due diligence, whitepaper review and escrow provisions

Providing ongoing updates to clients regarding the latest regulatory developments, including relevant releases by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in connection with regulating existing and new cryptocurrencies and ICOs

Advised clients on the difference between utility and security tokens under the current regulatory framework in the U.S.

Helping Clients Through Every Stage of an ICO

Understanding the importance of planning in the successful development of a virtual token, we work closely with developers to navigate the complex array of laws that apply to tokens from the earliest planning stages to launch. Among other services, we help our clients by:

  • Advising them on applicable state and federal law, explaining in clear, practical terms what their obligations are and what legal risks exist
  • Analyzing a token’s attributes to determine whether it is a security under state or federal law and advising clients on how best to address securities laws
  • Reviewing the token’s whitepaper, website and other marketing materials for compliance with state and federal consumer-protection and securities laws
  • Drafting clear, comprehensive terms and conditions so that developers and purchasers all understand the terms of their relationship
  • Carefully analyzing smart contracts to ensure that they accurately and unambiguously implement the required terms

Providing Confidence Despite Legal Uncertainties

Although state and federal regulators have finally begun to explain their views on cryptocurrencies and other virtual tokens, the law remains unclear in important respects. We are sensitive to those ambiguities in the law and work diligently to:

  • Maintain a detailed and current understanding of applicable state and federal laws and a familiarity with proposed changes
  • Help our clients thoroughly understand what the law requires of them, as well as the risks resulting from legal uncertainty
  • Design innovative, robust strategies that can succeed in an environment where the law is not always clear, and that can respond effectively to changes in the law


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