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Smart Contracts Lawyers in New York City

Smart contracts are computer code running on a blockchain to implement and enforce agreements between users without human intervention.

Because a smart contract cannot be changed after it is launched, developers must understand precisely what the agreement entails. This requires hiring a knowledgeable attorney to draft, interpret, and review the contract’s terms.

Dilendorf & Khurdayan are New York City contracts lawyers who represent developers in the process of creating smart contracts to ensure their code accurately reflects the terms of an agreement and effectively eliminates ambiguity.

We work quickly and diligently to translate an agreement into terms that developers can understand and implement correctly in code.


Advised prospective investors regarding ICO participation, including team due diligence, whitepaper review and escrow provisions

Advised companies in the U.S. and abroad on ICOs in the real estate, investment, gaming, media, lending and retail industries

Reviewed marketing materials for compliance with securities regulations

Providing Comprehensive Smart Contract Services

The terms of a smart contracts are typically converted from those of a traditional contract. Doing so requires an accurate and thorough understanding of how contractual language is interpreted.

Our attorneys have years of experience drafting, reviewing, and interpreting contracts, and we leverage that experience to help our developer clients by:

  • Drafting clear, comprehensive agreements that can be easily understood and converted into computer instructions by programmers.
  • Reviewing existing smart contract templates to identify and eliminate ambiguities and minimize legal risk.
  • Working closely with the programmers converting a traditional contract to confirm that their code accurately implements the terms of the agreement before the smart contract goes live.

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