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NYC Business Litigation Attorneys

At the Dilendorf Law Firm in New York, our experienced business litigation attorneys represent businesses in partnership disputes, employment-related lawsuits, conflicts with service providers, commercial contracts litigation, and many other business litigation matters.

What is considered “business litigation?”

Business litigation may include any dispute that concerns a particular corporation or business, whether that dispute arises with another business, an employee, contractor, client, or another party. Whether a legal issue rises to the level of a “business litigation matter” depends on whether there are grounds for a lawsuit.

In other words, if a lawsuit would solve the problem, it is a litigation case, and if one or more of the parties concerned is a business owner then it is a business litigation case.



Regularly representing clients in federal and state courts in New York

Which cases are handled by a business litigation attorney?

Business litigation attorneys represent business owners throughout the tri-state region in handling a wide range of legal disputes, including disputes involving other businesses, third-party vendors, employees, and clients.

The business litigation attorneys at our New York office offer a portfolio of services to protect companies from the complex legal issues that may arise in the course of doing business. These may include partner and shareholder disputes, breach of contract, real estate issues, intellectual property protection, employment-related matters, payment disputes, and more.

We are best known for providing each case with strategic counsel that works diligently to resolve disputes quickly and minimize costs.

A reputation built on business litigation

The commercial litigation practice at the Dilendorf Law Firm has a longstanding reputation in New York for resolving business-related disputes, either through litigation, mediation, arbitration, negotiation, or a jury trail in state or federal courts.

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience in both successful trial outcomes and negotiated settlements.

What can clients expect from the business litigation team at Dilendorf Law Firm?

Our litigation specialists are well-versed in handling everything from the simplest to the most complex business matters, from start to finish:

  • A proactive approach to determining the best options for each client
  • Discussion of strategies to optimize the most desirable outcomes
  • Thorough analysis of all potential risks, benefits, costs, and drawbacks of a particular litigation strategy
  • A forward-looking approach towards achieving the most satisfactory and lasting resolution
  • Dedicated professionals who are, first and foremost, keeping our clients’ interests top of mind

The experienced litigators on the Dilendorf ligitation team offer the guidance, representation, and strategic counsel that business owners and shareholders rely upon to protect their interests and achieve their desired outcomes.

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