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Employment Litigation

The employment litigation attorneys at the Dilendorf Law Firm have extensive experience litigating a wide range of employment cases, such as claims of employment discrimination, disputes over executive employment contracts, harassment, retaliation and wrongful discharge, benefits entitlement, and restrictive covenants. Our expert litigators handle cases of varying sizes, from single plaintiff or common law actions to class action suits resulting from the employee-employer relationship.

A customized approach for every client

Not every case we handle results in courtroom litigation; in fact, the majority of employment cases settle, but we conduct a thorough review of the facts in the case before determining the best course of action.

  • Our employment attorneys regularly litigate in trials with or without a jury, and in state and federal courtrooms.
  • We frequently arbitrate as well, appearing before state and federal agencies.
  • By assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each case, our team determines the best approach to move the case towards the desired resolution.

In this highly fact-driven area of law, we realize there is no “one size fits all” solution for employment cases. This is why the Dilendorf Law Firm provides a thorough risk analysis for every client, including strategic options to consider and recommendations on settlement or litigation.

We carefully partner with in-house counsel and principals to ensure our legal strategy meets the needs of the business, keeping in mind the need for frequent case assessments and budgeted hours. We take the time to understand as much as possible about the unique legal support needed by each client, and effectively consider the options for mediation, settlement, or early dispositive options.

Federal employment statutory claims

Disputes arise between employees and employers in almost every industry, including claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act, allegations of harassment and discrimination, and other statutory workplace protections.

Our employment lawyers have experience in a wide range of federal employment statutes, such as:

The Dilendorf Law Firm’s employment litigation specialists also work with the comparable state and local laws related to workplace regulations.

Along with our employment litigation practice, the Dilendorf Law Firm also counsels corporate and individual clients in the creation, negotiation, and finalization of:

  • Employment agreements
  • Post-employment agreements
  • Severance agreements

Our practice drafts, negotiates, and finalizes agreements related to specific issues, such as:

  • Golden parachutes
  • Change of control
  • Non-solicitation
  • Consulting agreements.
  • Policy manuals
  • Sexual harassment policy procedures
  • Employment-related policies and procedures.

The lawyers at the Dilendorf Law Firm have defended clients in a wide range of industries against claims by current and former employees, and have guided executives at the highest levels of the corporate world in negotiating termination and severance contracts, or enforcing their contractual rights.


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