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When reaching an agreement outside of a courtroom is a priority, the mediation process is often the preferred method of dispute resolution. The mediation process not only saves time; it is cost-effective and less contentious.

The experienced attorneys at the Dilendorf Law Firm recognize the value of using mediation effectively to achieve our clients’ preferred outcomes.

Negotiating a case with the help of an objective third-party mediator helps the parties in a lawsuit reach a swift conflict resolution without the complications and risks associated with courtroom litigation. Mediation is also beneficial for maintaining confidentiality and preserving business and personal relationships.

At the Dilendorf Law Firm, our attorneys know when mediation is the best option, and they know how to work with mediators and clients to reach the most desirable result. Examples of cases where mediation may be ideal include:

  • Contract claims
  • Whistleblower actions
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Restrictive covenant litigation
  • Employment fraud

The lawyers at our New York City firm are experienced litigators with a deep understanding of the law. In mediation, we bring a diplomatic approach to problem solving that is backed by an impressive track record of reaching mutually satisfactory agreements.

The mediation process is often the most cost-efficient, stress-reducing and time-saving method of resolving disputes. Because only the parties, their attorneys, and the mediator may be present during the discussions, the parties may keep the settlement of their disputes completely private, rather than exposing it to the open debate of a public courtroom.

How does mediation work?

Mediation is dispute resolution process, where a neutral person (the mediator), helps people involved in a dispute to meet face to face and negotiate a settlement that is mutually acceptable without entering a courtroom. Mediation also promotes constructive and innovative bargaining tactics, brings the parties into agreement, and completes the settlement terms in writing.

Fully sanctioned by the American Bar Association and the New York Supreme Court, mediation offers an excellent workaround to achieve advantageous results while avoiding an overburdened court system. In most cases, mediation accomplishes the most agreeable settlement for all parties concerned.

During mediation, a skilled mediator works hard to make sure both sides are heard, considered, and satisfied. The goal is to give the parties greater control over the outcome of their dispute, and ultimately into an amicable solution. Rather than a judge or a jury, the parties themselves are the ones that determine the amount of information disclosed, which options will be considered, and how a settlement agreement is structured.  This high level of flexibility is one of the most attractive features of mediation.

At the Dilendorf firm, our legal team allows participants to take as much time as needed, and the process can even be paused when additional information is required. A mediator will guide each side to consider the most relevant facts of the case, explore available options, and help each of the parties understand one another’s concerns, while remaining neutral about which party is right or wrong.

Settlements reached via mediation are usually best for everyone involved because they have been thoroughly worked out with the best interests of each participant in mind, in a much more relaxed environment.

Virtually every type of conflict can be resolved through mediation, as long as the parties have reasonable expectations and a willingness to discover the best resolution options. The attorneys at the Dilendorf Law Firm work hard to direct a negotiation process, allowing our clients to reach a resolution of their own design and choice.


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