Hugo Sandstrom


Business Development

Hugo Sandstrom focuses on business development and has a proven track record of success in capital markets and corporate structuring.

Hugo has extensive experience in the technology space, working for a VC firm and with fintech startups, where he advised companies to efficiently navigate the regulatory environment and identify business development opportunities.

In addition, he assisted companies partnering with government agencies by negotiating contracts, conducting EIAs, and general compliance with agency specific rules and regulations. Previously, Hugo worked at a large consulting firm where he analyzed financial liabilities, best practices and return on investment for major corporate clients.

Hugo assisted clients and partners with business administration, corporate governance and regulatory compliance. He has also conducted organizational audits to evaluate governance, compliance, financial controls and administrative systems, and then provided recommendations.





60 Broad Street, 24th Floor
New York, NY
O. 212.457.9797
Business Development
Capital Markets
Corporate Structuring
Blockchain and STOs
Private Equity and Venture Capital
Corporate Finance
Brooklyn Law School
University of Maryland


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