Laina Dowd

Laina Dowd

Law Clerk

Laina Dowd is currently a third-year law student at Suffolk University Law School in Boston, Massachusetts, where she serves as Symposium Editor for the Journal of Health and Biomedical Law. In addition to her editorial board role, she is also an active member of the Middle Eastern and South Asian Law Student Association, Women’s Law Association, and Business Law Association. Before law school, Laina received a B.A. in Business Management from Suffolk University’s Honors undergraduate program.

To supplement her legal education, Laina has garnered legal experience from an array of both internship and externship programs. Most recently, she completed a judicial externship with the Massachusetts Appellate Court where she conducted research on civil and criminal litigation issues, drafted memoranda, and prepared a variety of case briefs and orders.

Laina joined Dilendorf in the spring of 2022. With both personal and academic exposure to the world of securities, digital assets, and cryptocurrency, Laina has added immediate value to the firm’s regulatory research efforts. Her most recent contribution extensively covers what the top legal considerations are for offshoring DAO Foundations.

In joining the Dilendorf team, Laina hopes to grow her exposure to and understanding of the regulatory implications and compliance obligations that continue to permeate the digital world. Laina sees the ever so relevance of the digital asset and cryptocurrency space in today’s climate and hopes to be part of the Dilendorf firm’s efforts to navigate its legal complexities.

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