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Max Dilendorf, Esq.

Max Dilendorf, Esq.


Maksim “Max” Dilendorf stands as a globally recognized authority and trailblazer in the legal related to digital asset, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.  As an early adopter of the blockchain industry in 2016, Max’s legal practice primarily centers around digital assets, money transmitter licenses, federal securities regulations, and asset tokenization.  He is well known for consistently representing clients who have fallen victim to digital asset theft from cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.

He fosters a legal philosophy grounded in federal and state compliance, providing clients with comprehensive counsel on meeting their regulatory obligations. Max and his team have dedicated thousands of hours to research and direct engagement with top industry contacts and regulators. This effort has cultivated an essential legal skill set and framework to solve the most intricate client issues, providing them with peace of mind.

Clients depend on Max’s personalized strategy and unparalleled, cutting-edge legal knowledge in the sphere of digital assets to decipher their most intricate crypto-legal challenges. His notable achievements include being listed as a “Rising Star” in the New York Metro Area by Super Lawyers, consecutively from 2018 through 2023.

Cryptocurrency and digital assets law is a multifaceted and complex domain, often necessitating intricate practical analysis and application of several laws and regulations, including but not limited to:

  • The U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934;
  • The Anti-Money Laundering Law (AML);
  • The U.S. Bank Secrecy Act (BSA);
  • 50 state-specific money transmitter laws (MTL) with a nationwide application standard;
  • The U.S. Internal Revenue Code;and
  • All related and implementing regulations of the above statutes.

Max diligently works to comprehend his clients’ backgrounds, goals, trading habits, investment vehicles, and other vital factors to pinpoint the applicable bodies of law, specific statutes, and regulations. This approach is paramount when:

  • Determining and establishing the best onshore and offshore business structures;
  • Assisting clients with asset tokenization projects;
  • Developing legal market entry strategies for asset tokenization projections in the US, Southeast Asia, and Europe;
  • Establishing guidelines for cryptocurrency trading activities to  ensure legality under U.S. laws and regulations;
  • Ensuring crypto compliance with tax laws and reporting requirements in line with evolving US standards; and
  • Preparing a crisis plan to preemptively avoid crises.

Max routinely represents a broad range of digital asset matters for various entities, including:

  • Institutional investors and publicly traded companies;
  • Traditional real estate operators and developers;
  • Art galleries, collectors and museums in connection with art tokenization projects;
  • Cryptocurrency hedge fund managers and investors;
  • Family offices; and
  • Fraud Victims.

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Sale of Multi-Family Building and Partner Buy-Out

Successfully represented a client in the sale of a mixed-use building in Midtown, Manhattan and in the buy-out of his partner’s ownership interest in the building

Reverse 1031-Exchange

Advised a foreign client on structuring a reverse 1031-exchange for the sale of $5M mixed-use property in Midtown Manhattan

Retail Condo Purchase and Financing

Assisted a foreign client with obtaining financing for the purchase of a $5.75M retail condominium unit in Downtown, Manhattan

Commercial Loan Secured by a Building

Represented a borrower in a $10M commercial loan transaction secured by an office building in Florida

Luxury Estate Lease in Greenwich, CT

Represented a member of a royal family as co-counsel in drafting and negotiating the lease for a residential property in Greenwich, CT 

US Inbound Investment in Commercial Development Project

Represented a foreign private fund in connection with the corporate and tax structuring of their investment in commercial real estate project in NYC by utilizing beneficial tax treaty provisions, and combination of debt and equity 

Acquisition of Development Lot in Miami

Represented a developer as co-counsel in the acquisition of a $21M development lot on the Indian Creek Compound, Miami, FL

Acquisition and Development of EPA’s Superfund Site in Connecticut

Represented a developer as co-counsel in a $50M project that involved the acquisition of the EPA’s Superfund site in CT for developing a 100,000 SF retail store

Tokenized Real Estate Lending Fund

Working with a client on setting-up a $20M tokenized real estate lending master feeder fund (US/Cayman), including potential tax implications, application of US securities and investment regulations and worldwide treatment of the fund tokens

Delaware Dynasty Trust to Purchase and Hold Investment Real Estate

Represented a foreign investor as co-counsel in connection with setting-up a Delaware Dynasty Trust for asset protection purposes and for purposes of purchasing and holding investment real estate in New York

Commercial Property Tokenization Consulting

Advised a client regarding the process of tokenizing $40M commercial property in the Midwest, addressed applicable securities regulations and token transfer restrictions for US and non-US investors, selected appropriate legal structure and consulted regarding the underwriting process on a smart-contract, issuance of ERC-20 tokens, verification of the accreditation status of US and non-US investors, KYC/AML checks, as well as onshore/offshore banking

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