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December 14, 2016   |   By: Max Dilendorf, Esq. and Rika Khurdayan, Esq.

Maneuvering thru Perils of Buying a Pre-Construction Condo in NYC

If you are interested in buying a home in New York City, a very tempting opportunity that can arise is to purchase a condominium (“condo”) during a pre-construction stage. However, this is rarely a smooth or a sure path. The following are among the many perils that you should consider before purchasing …

December 7, 2016   |   By: Max Dilendorf, Esq. and Rika Khurdayan, Esq.

Top Construction Defects in New Construction Condo Buildings

Purchasing real estate can be one of the most expensive and nerve-wracking experiences anyone can have. The old saying ‘buyer beware’ never rings more true than when buying property, especially in New York City. At the end of the day, developers are concerned about their bottom line, and those in the market …

November 30, 2016   |   By: Max Dilendorf, Esq. and Rika Khurdayan, Esq.

How Foreign Investors Can Reduce or Eliminate FIRPTA Withholding Upon Sale of U.S. Real Estate

For foreign investors, FIRPTA can make a relatively simple transaction a much more complicated affair and tie up funds that could otherwise be quickly reinvested. What many New York real estate professionals and investors don’t know is that FIRPTA can, in many cases, be minimized or avoided altogether.

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