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Real Estate Loan Restructurings (COVID-19)

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We are Experienced in Restructuring Commercial Real Estate Loans

Steps to Restructure Loan

Prepare a formal request letter with much detail as possible in terms of assistance from the lender: (i) simple forbearance agreement; (ii) loan modification asking for changes in loan terms; (iii) hybrid of forbearance and modification of loan terms;

Lenders want to know what lenders are doing to improve the situation in terms of working out the situation with the tenant

Are borrowers pursuing third-party loans such as CARES act loans?  Can it be used for paying a third-party debt?

Finally, lenders want to know if there is a possibility that guarantors have the ability to contribute additional equity to help with the borrower’s obligations and/or to meet the mortgage payment requirements.

As far as the mezzanine loan structure, we need to know if the mezzanine lender is willing to put more money in place.

Due-Diligence for Lender and Borrower

  • Get all documents in place
  • Is legal description correct
  • Where mortgage documents were recorded
  • What are events of default with loans?
  • Looks at the representation and warranties provisions
  • Did you agree that you will notify the lender before modifying leases?
  • Are the loan extension rights?
  • What are the conditions for extending the loan?
  • Has the tenant or borrower applied for the PPP loan protection program?
  • Collect financial information about tenants.
  • What are you doing to mitigate losses?
  • MAC Clause – Material Adversarial Clause in View of COVID-19 Loan.  These clauses are subjective.  Question if these clauses are enforceable.
  • If the borrower’s wish list is more complex, the lender may send a default letter/reservation of rights letter
  • If the lender sends to default letter, the lender must go to the mortgage enforcement and getting a receiver.  From the lender’s perspective, it’s questionable if they should do it.
  • What lenders do to do – in the meantime they reserve all rights under loan documents

Pre-Negotiation Agreement

  • It preserves the status quo without fear of litigation
  • What goes to the agreement
  • Discussions are not binding
  • Borrower Wish List
  • Lender Wish List

Terms of Loan Forbearance Agreement

  • Simple forbearance letter – will describe what length of forbearance will be … lender deferred principal payments….usually can defer payment for principal and interest…after the forbearance period …if borrower follows terms of a forbearance agreement, then the lender will waive late payment fees…during forbearance…lender don’t want borrowers to be in any default
  • The lender does not want to trigger default…e.g.,
  • The borrower has to negotiate if they have to make escrow payments
  • Notice provisions – negotiations
  • The electronic signature must be acceptable; DocuSign must be able to reflect slides
  • Get the approval of budgets
  • Replacement reserves
  • Tenant improvement escrows
  • COVID-19 related terms and conditions
  • When lenders are doing forbearance agreements, what is the remaining terms on the loan?
  • As part of the agreement, you want the borrower to reaffirm representations and warranties

Terms of Simple Loan Modification Agreements

  • After forbearance agreement, the borrower can agree to accelerate interest pay on the back-end
  • Lock-box agreement
  • What lenders resources are to deal with this
  • Loan modification whether lender wants to implement a cash management system
  • Interest rate – does the forbearance assume adjustment in interest rates for deferring payments
  • The borrower needs financial relief


For more information about loan restructuring solutions,

please contact our Manhattan office by sending an email or calling us at 212.457.9797.

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