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DAO Formation & Governance


Dilendorf Law Firm advises clients on all aspects of formation, governance and operation of Wyoming decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) limited liability companies (LLCs). From drafting airtight Articles of Organization to ensuring compliance with Wyoming and federal law, our attorneys are well-versed in the legal and practical issues that arise in the context of planning and structuring LLCs. Dilendorf aims to develop and maintain relationships with each of our clients, enabling us to gain a deep understanding of their goals and priorities.  



NFT DAO Consulting


DEX DAO Consulting

Benefits of forming a Wyoming DAO LLC include:

  • Limiting personal liability of LLC members/owners;
  • Avoiding double taxation and utilizing the 20% pass-through deduction established under the Tax Cuts and;
  • Less administrative hassles and paperwork;
  • Simplified digital management of significant number of investors via smart contracts;
  • Automated and transparent governance, voting, and compliance using smart contracts;

Our attorneys provide comprehensive services throughout the formation of the DAO LLC and beyond, including:

  • Determining whether a DAO LLC is the appropriate structure;
  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis to determine whether the membership interest is a security under US law;
  • Drafting the Articles of Organization and operating agreement;
  • Developing the DAO’s strategy and management;
  • Advising on foreign and US investor qualifications;
  • Structuring the DAO to qualify for an exemption from registration as a security under Regulation D and Regulation S;

Wyoming’s DAO LLC Chapter is a major development in the corporate world, as it clarifies the status of a DAO as a legal entity and provides structure, clarity, and legitimacy to many DAO projects. Our attorneys will use a combination of preparation, expertise, and care to best serve the needs of our clients and help them efficiently navigate the web of challenges arising throughout formation, governance and operation of DAO LLCs.


For more information about our DAO services,

please contact Dilendorf Law Firm by sending an email or calling us at 212.457.9797

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