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Dilendorf & Khurdayan offers white paper review services for individuals, blockchain startups and established developers to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and minimize legal risks.



Represented a blockchain based gaming platform in connection with structuring Regulation D and S offerings, including full review of the project, drafting a private placement memorandum and purchase agreement to launch the sale, guidance through the process of verifying U.S. accredited investors and completing KYC/AML checks, and filing form D with the SEC.


Represented B2B / B2C blockchain freelance platform in the process of raising capital through Regulation D and S offerings to US and non-US investors, including review and analysis of the white paper and the project, preparation of the private placement memorandum (PPM), subscription agreements, guidance regarding the process of investor accreditation as well as AML/KYC checks, and filing Form D with the SEC


Represented a decentralized crypto exchange platform and advised the company regarding the process of raising capital in the US through SEC Regulation A+ and D offerings, including money transmitting licenses in all 50 states, preparation of all necessary offering documents to launch token sale in the US


Advised real estate development blockchain startup from UAE regarding a pre-ICO sale in the US and compliance with SEC rules and regulations


Represented blockchain-based marine navigation service with AI capabilities in the process of raising capital via a TGE from US and non-US investors through Regulation D and S offerings, including review and analysis of the white paper and the project, preparation of all necessary documentation for the launch of the TGE, as well as guidance regarding the process of investor accreditation and AML/KYC checks.

Helping Our Clients Avoid White Paper Pitfalls

Because a white paper is marketing material intended to attract investment in a virtual token, its contents may be regulated by state and federal securities and consumer protection laws.

Our lawyers apply their thorough understanding of those laws when reviewing a white paper.

As part of our comprehensive review of clients’ white papers, we:

  • Analyze project’s token sales structure;
  • Confirm that the representations made in a whitepaper are complete and not misleading;
  • Review existing relationships with third parties engaged in marketing a token sale to ensure compliance with US laws governing the use of brokers;
  • Analyze bounty campaigns to reduce or eliminate the risks associated with broker regulations; and
  • Review clients’ circumstances and advise on the optimal registration exemption for their token sales, whether under Regulation D or not.


For assistance with a white paper review

please contact Dilendorf & Khurdayan by sending us an email or calling us at 212.457.9797.

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