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Commercial Collections



At Dilendorf Law Firm, our commercial collections services are designed to support businesses in the recovery of outstanding debts.

Our attorneys understand the nuances of commercial debt and are equipped to handle collections with a thorough and assertive approach.

Types of Businesses We Assist

Our experience in commercial collections extends to a diverse array of business sectors, each with its unique challenges and legal considerations.



At Dilendorf Law, we address your most crucial debt recovery needs efficiently and effectively.

Here’s a glimpse of the types of businesses we assist:

  • Service Industry Firms: From IT to consulting services, we help service-based businesses manage their receivables effectively, ensuring they get paid for their professional expertise.
  • Manufacturing and Supply Companies: We assist manufacturers and distributors in recovering debts that can significantly impact their operations and cash flow.
  • Financial Institutions: For banks, credit unions, and lending companies, we offer services to recover outstanding loans and maintain their financial stability.
  • No-Fault Collections for Doctors and Medical Providers: We represents doctors and health care providers in the collection of unpaid medical bills for properly submitted no-fault insurance claims.
  • Healthcare Providers: Medical practitioners and healthcare services often face delayed payments; our firm works to expedite these receivables while handling the delicate nature of patient-provider relationships.
  • Retailers and Wholesalers: We help these businesses, which often operate on thin margins, in collecting debts to ensure they can continue their business operations without disruption.
  • Real Estate Firms: For real estate transactions that encounter financial disputes, we provide legal solutions to protect investments and enforce contracts.
  • Technology Startups and Innovators: We safeguard the interests of these businesses by ensuring that the investors and clients uphold their financial obligations.
  • Construction and Development Companies: Our services include addressing disputes and collecting debts in the complex realm of construction finance.
  • Hospitality Industry: We assist hotels, restaurants, and event companies in recovering debts to ensure their service excellence is appropriately compensated.
  • Education Providers: From private schools to training companies, we help ensure that educational institutions receive the funds required to continue offering quality education.

Why Hiring a Commercial Collections Lawyer is Essential

When outstanding debts linger, the role of a commercial collections attorney becomes crucial for any business.

Here’s why a practiced legal hand in commercial collections is indispensable:

In-Depth Legal Experience for Debt Resolution

Armed with extensive legal experience, commercial collections attorneys craft and execute effective debt recovery solutions.

They delve into the complexities of contractual and statutory provisions, ensuring the application of the most suitable legal remedies to secure client recoveries.

Tailored Strategies for Diverse Debt Profiles

Every debt has its nuances, and experienced attorneys recognize the importance of a bespoke approach.

They analyze each case to design a recovery strategy that aligns with the specific nature of the debt and the debtor’s circumstances, which can significantly increase the likelihood of successful collection.

Efficient Debt Collection Management

Time is of the essence in debt recovery. A seasoned commercial collections attorney brings precision and promptness to the process, streamlining efforts to recover debts more quickly while freeing up clients to concentrate on their core business activities.

Adherence to Collection Regulations

The legal territory of debt collection is fraught with regulatory requirements designed to protect debtors from unfair practices.

Experienced attorneys navigate these regulations with care, ensuring that all collection efforts are in full compliance with the FDCPA and other applicable laws, thus mitigating any risk of legal repercussions for their clients.

The services of a commercial collections attorney are vital not only for the recovery of debts but also for maintaining the legal and ethical standards of the collection process.

At Dilendorf Law Firm, we bring our rich legal experience to bear in guiding clients through the challenges of commercial collections, ensuring diligence and integrity every step of the way.

Types of Commercial Debt Collection Services at Dilendorf Law Firm

At Dilendorf Law Firm, our approach to commercial debt collection covers the most common and pressing concerns businesses encounter:

Core Collection Services

  • Unpaid Invoice Recovery: Addressing overdue payments for goods delivered or services rendered.
  • Accounts Receivable Management: Implementing effective strategies to collect due payments from customers.
  • B2B Collections: Recovering debts from other businesses while preserving professional relationships.
  • Enforcement of Legal Judgments: Following through on court-ordered debt payments to ensure collection.

Specialized Collection Areas


  • Equipment and Lease Financing: Handling debts related to leased or financed business equipment.
  • Credit Transactions: Recovery of credit card and trade credit debts.
  • Commercial Lease and Contract Enforcement: Securing unpaid rents and ensuring contract terms are honored.

Advanced Recovery Solutions

  • Post-Judgment Collections: Taking action to collect funds after a judgment has been secured.
  • Insurance Premium and Service Contract Collections: Ensuring due payments for insurance coverage and service agreements are met.
  • Securing Creditor Rights in Bankruptcy: Protecting creditor interests when a debtor files for bankruptcy.

Our streamlined services are designed to address your most crucial debt recovery needs efficiently and effectively.

Contact Dilendorf Law Firm at (212) 457-9797 or via email to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific debt collection requirements.

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